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Pigeonheads! The Strange Reels of Appalachian Beat Sytems (2015 & '16)

by Appalachian Beat Systems

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Appalachian Beat Systems (formed 2013) are brothers Cyril and Abram Hook-Rook and friend Hans "Patchdoktor" Glittel. Allegedly formed following a mutual discovery of an abandoned radio tower deep in the Pennsylvanian woodlands, which lead to an exploration, and, eventually, a fire that burned the whole structure down. The boys were said to have escaped unharmed, each clutching a latex pigeon mask they'd found there, as if by divine sign.

Interest in all forms of music and sound followed, fueled perhaps by a desire to in some sense spiritually replace the tower. By late 2013 the boys had scrapped together enough money from odd jobs and pain pill dealing to afford a single laptop, which they shared communally. Here assembled are some of their aural experiments, recorded in 2015, and 16. There is music made on synthesizer, music made with sample, music about nature, death, light, and bird. Presented in approximate reverse chronological order, by Diamondfish Archival Recordings.


This record is intended to be listened to in sequential order, on headphones, in the MP3 format. It is approximately 30 minutes in length.

All songs recorded in 2016 at The Wind Temple In Appalachia. Walnutport, PA.

Composed with FL Studio and other programs, with the assistance of an AKM320 MIDI controller and a JARAS-brand cassette player & AM/FM radio.

presented by Diamondfish Records.


released November 2, 2016

Composition & Performance on tracks 1-4, Editing on Track 8: Cyril Hook-Rook

Composition on tracks 5-9: Abram Hook-Rook

Patch Tuning & Performance on tracks 5-9: Hans "Patchdoktor" Glittel


Hardware: JARAS-Brand Cassette Player / AM-FM Radio, Inspiron-5 Dell Laptop

Software: Fruity Loops, Serum, Harmless, Synth1



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planet Jane Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Transwoman, beat wizard, forest-dweller, temple priestess.

Diamondfish Records Owner/Operator

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