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Magic Planet 8

by planet Jane

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a pixelated orange and purple sun-rise crests over the horizon of an impossible land on the border of pennsylvania, USA, and the osaka prefecture of japan. there stands a priestess in the wooden hallway of a temple kept by her family for ten thousand years. desensitized perhaps to her role as a sacred keeper of knowledge and institution, she produces a jaras player--a latter day walkman--and inserts into it a cassette the same color as that japanese-pennsylvanian sunrise. she dons a pair of cream-colored headphones, and clicks the play button. soon, music fills the space inside her head as she sweeps the temple steps.

is this mixtape what she played, or does the music itself contain the world in which she plays? only one way to find out....


released August 11, 2017


This record is intended to be listened to in sequential order, on headphones, in the MP3 format. It is approximately 25 minutes in length.

All songs recorded in 2017 at The Wind Temple In Appalachia. Walnutport, PA.

Composed with FL Studio and other programs, with the assistance of an AKM320 MIDI controller and a JARAS-brand cassette player & AM/FM radio.

Any download (paid or free) comes with an image file depicting the reverse cover.

presented by Diamondfish Records.

This mixtape is dedicated to Onyx, a white cat with black spots who brought a certain feline dignity to any room in which he entered for the majority of my life. He passed away during the recording of this record, and it is presented to you, the listener, in his memory. Rest In Paws, my furry friend.



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planet Jane Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Transwoman, beat wizard, forest-dweller, temple priestess.

Diamondfish Records Owner/Operator

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