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Chemicals That Think, Vol. 1

by planet Jane

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A concept record, of sorts.

I have sleeping problems as I'm sure many people do in 2016. When you wake up at 6pm, your night tends to run together into a furious blur of flickering electronics, half-remembered Wikipedia binges (did you know there's a Shinto shrine in Washington state?), television, Youtube videos, manga, and video games. The title, in fact, comes from a silly late-night musing I had that in the light of day doesn't make perfect sense (as I recall, something about brains being chemicals that think about themselves).

With this record I tried to kind of capture that feeling, compress it into 11 tracks and a 25ish minute runtime (indeed, final track "Night Pyramids" originally had the silly subtitle "Tears On The Monitor". I think I did a good job in cutting that one). DJ Shadow--whose music has represented the night in its purest form for me since I first heard it--was a big inspiration here, as was [adult swim]'s strangest television show, the 15-minute, 4-in-the-morning-airing "Off The Air".

I hope this reaches you, the listener, in some way or another. I'd be honored to soundtrack your nighttime, whether you dutifully tuck in at 9PM or, like myself, finally fall into something like sleep sometime long after the sun has risen and burned a hole through your curtains.

I intend to explore this theme more in the weeks and months to come, a followup/sequel record is already in the works (hence the "Vol. 1" subtitle), and I am very excited to see what I can make of my waking dreams.

As a final note, if you liked the record and can spare the change, please purchase it, I am still unemployed, and any little bit helps.

-planet Jane, Diamondfish Records Operator / Director, Sound-Witch

if you have any questions or comments about this record you may contact me on twitter via mention or direct message @planetJANEbeats


This record is intended to be listened to in sequential order, on headphones, in the MP3 format. It is approximately 26 minutes in length.

All songs recorded in 2016 at The Wind Temple In Appalachia. Walnutport, PA.

Composed with FL Studio and other programs, with the assistance of an AKM320 MIDI controller and a JARAS-brand cassette player & AM/FM radio.

presented by Diamondfish Records.


Update: New Cover


released October 9, 2016

Silence & Secrecy - Encouragement, additional synthesized material on "Night Pyramids"

Trevor Whatevr, Infimace-5, Mewling, CC Reisz, Flowzus, Stripes Solid AKA Tropicsage - Encouragement, direct or otherwise

Financial Supporters: SF Sorrow, GoGo De Sica, E. K.



all rights reserved


planet Jane Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Transwoman, beat wizard, forest-dweller, temple priestess.

Diamondfish Records Owner/Operator

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